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1. Q Is Apex Limousine and Sedan service the best  limousine company in the transportation market today?

1. A No. Please be alert, if somebody calls them the best limousine company. We are one of the best limousine services in the San Francisco and Bay Area market today. We had been designed that way. In addition, we try to keep it that way.

2. Q Which limousine companies can  you recommend in alternative to your service?

2. A Good question. We like Black Tie, Carey, Dav El, Boston Coach , Empire Cls. these limousine companies including Apex  have the reparation of being one of the best in the business plus they have a good history and reliability level. Your choice.

3. Q Do you have any hidden fees?

3. A Not at all. Our pricing is very standard and you can review our Price list. There are no surprises on the bill.

4. Q  What if I forget to cancel my airport pick up? Should I get charge?

4. A  We apologize but yes, of course without any exceptions. When a client forgets to cancel, our driver still arrives at the destination, we need to pay the driver and all other expenses like bridge toll and gas. That is why we unfortunately can't wave this fee

5. Q What should I do if I arrive to the airport and cannot find my chauffeur?

5. A Please give us a call us right away, we will immediately help you locate your chauffeur.

6. Q What if my chauffeur doesn't show up, over sleeps, forgets about my pick up?

6. A  This situation is almost impossible, based on our office procedures, all of our  chauffeurs are trained to call the office one hour before pick up with the current status of the flight or pickup information. If something is not right the hour before pick up we have plenty of time to provide proper transportation to your destination.

7. Q May I request to change my chauffeur?

7. A Yes, you can. We are all people and have different chemistry. It is completely  understandable and not a problem at all.

8. Q What if I don’t like your service?

8. A We will investigate any service issues and compensate any service complaints that make sense. Let us know exactly what you didn't find comfortable when using our service and we'll try to meet your expectation next time.

9. Q What should I expect when I order services from Apex.

9. A The latest, newest models,  clean cars every time, prompt and on time service, appropriately dressed chauffeur(black suit, white shirt, dark tie), water in the car.

10. Q What if something is not like you promised?

10. A You will get compensated on any issues that we investigate and find our fault.( you will get a discount or a free ride)

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We provide outstanding wine country limousine to Napa, Sonoma, Livermore wineries All at affordable rental rates that make sense. Experience our well-trained chauffeurs. Relax, enjoy, and we will take care of the rest.
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